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Lessons #1 thru #35: A Recapped Index of Startup Advice by Topic

Posted By: George Deeb - 5/17/2011


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Red Rocket created an index of all startup lessons from its blog to date, for your quick reference by topic.  Please forward to anybody that you think may be interested.

Lesson #1: Drivers of Success for Startups. Do I Have a Good Idea?

Lesson #2: Building The Right Team for Your Startup

Lesson #3: The Importance of Timing & Luck for Your Startup

Lesson #4: How to Raise Capital for Your Startup

Lesson #5: Finding Angel Investors for Your Startup

Lesson #6: Structuring Strategic Partnerships for Your Startup

Lesson #7: Key Components for Writing a Business Plan

Lesson #8: Startups Require Flexibility to Optimize Business Model

Lesson #9: Spreading Equity to Key Employees & Partners

Lesson #10: How Best to Approach VC's or Angel Investors

Lesson #11: Considering Incubators or Accelerators for Your Startup

Lesson #12: How to Structure Your Board of Directors or Advisory Board

Lesson #13: Creating the Right Culture for Your Startup

Lesson #14: The Role of a Startup CEO

Lesson #15: Hands-On vs. Hands-Off Management of Startups

Lesson #16: The Plusses & Minuses of Virtual Employees

Lesson #17: Pitfalls to Avoid When Joining Someone Else's Startup

Lesson #18: The Right Work-Life Balance for a Startup

Lesson #19: How to Identify Your Competition

Lesson #20: Setting Product & Pricing Strategy for Your Startup

Lesson #21: Setting a Sales & Marketing Plan for Your Startup

Lesson #22: How to Calculate ROI on Your Marketing Spend

Lesson #23: How to Design Effective Advertising Copy & Creatives

Lesson #24: How to Choose a Name for Your Startup

Lesson #25: How to Structure Your Sales Team & Procedures

Lesson #26: Designing Sales Incentives to Motivate Your Sales Team

Lesson #27: How VC's Define a Backable Management Team

Lesson #28: Expect the Unexpected -- Always Have a Cushion

Lesson #29: No Matter How Bad it Gets, Persistence Wins

Lesson #30: When to Hire Employees vs. Contractors vs. Crowdsources

Lesson #31: The Power of a Pivot -- Thinking Out of the Box

Lesson #32: How to Value Your Startup Business

Lesson #33: The Importance of Customer Service

Lesson #34: How Best to Recruit Employees For Your Startup

Lesson #35: How to Read Resumes & Screen Employee Candidates

Click Here for an Index of all Lessons #1 through #101

Hope you are finding these lessons helpful.  Check back soon for more lessons to come!

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