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Chicago's Top Web & Mobile Design, Development & Marketing Agencies

Posted By: George Deeb - 8/07/2012


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I am often asked who are some of the better web and mobile design, development and marketing agencies in Chicago, to assist with your startup's digital technology or marketing needs.  Below is a list I have built over time of some firms to consider, including some of the key services offered, as promoted on their websites. 

You will notice some of these firms are one-stop-shops for all of your needs, and others are specialists for specific needs (e.g., mobile experts, ecommerce experts).   There are plusses and minuses of either direction, so do your homework here, based on your needs.  I also split the list between "startup friendly" and those that "typically work with bigger budgets", so most of you will focus on the the former.  It is also important to note, that on rare occasion, some of these firms may consider trading a portion of the cost of the project, in exchange for equity in your business, if you want to explore that option with them to reduce your cash costs.  And, before engaging any of these firms, be sure to check out their past work and speak to their past clients as references.

www.colorjar.com  web stategy, design, development, consulting
www.digitalintent.com  startup strategy and development
www.doejo.com  branding, product, mobile, ecommerce, design, packaging, social, video
www.8thlight.com  design, development, UX
www.4tegroup.com  IT staffing and development
www.fueled.com  design and develop mobile apps, web, video
www.gammapartners.com  web design/develop, mobile, search, social
www.heymann.com web design, SEO, social, CMS, integrated marketing, consulting
www.logicalmediagroup.com search, display, analytics, social, email, video, mobile, web dev, ecommerce, affiliate
www.lyonscg.com  ecommerce design and development
www.killswitchcollective.com  web design/develop, branding, print creative, multimedia, broadcast
www.orainteractive.com  design and development for web and mobile
www.pathf.com web/mobile product design, development, execution, marketing
www.plumtreegroup.net  web/mobile design, development, marketing, video, branding
www.sandstormdesign.com strategy, branding, web design/develop, copywriting, UX, SEO, social, analytics, research, testing
www.socialkaty.com  social media marketing, content creation/distribution
www.thoughtworks.com  web design/develop, consulting, testing
www.vokalinteractive.com  100% mobile strategy, design, develop, execution
www.wireflyinteractive.com  branding, web design, flash animation, online marketing
www.acquitygroup.com  strategy, execution, UX, tech
www.americaneagle.com web design/dev, hosting, consult, integration, search, multimedia, social, mobile
www.banddigital.com  tech development, strategy, creative, mobile, intelligence
www.fuor.com  digital marketing agency, display, search, social, mobile, content, email, analytics
www.gorillagroup.com  strategy, marketing, web design/ develop, managed services
www.ideo.com  design products, services, spaces, interactive
www.iprospect.com  search, local, display, ecommerce, global, social, mobile
www.launchwhatsnext.com  engage, promos, digital/video/mobile, shopper marketing/merchandising, trade marketing
www.magenic.com  development, apps, intelligence, UX, QA
www.manifestdigital.com  strategy, UX, creative
www.reachlocal.com  search, social, display, video
www.rightpointconsulting.com  strategy, UX, digital marketing, technology
www.riseinteractive.com  interactive marketing, SEO, PPC, email, social, display, affiliate
www.sapient.com   manage tech changes, strategy & development
www.sprinc.com  software design/dev, coach/consult, project management, IT staffing, process management, social
www.vibes.com  all mobile (platform, strategy, campaign mgmt, analytics, CRM, development)
The above excludes all the major marketing agencies in town (e.g., Starcom, DDB Digital, Ogilvy Online)
If you think I am missing any important firms here, please add them in the comments section below.
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