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[NEWS] Red Rocket Co-Founds "Ensemble": All-Star Powered "Digital Services Suite" at 20-40% Savings

Posted By: George Deeb - 8/07/2013


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CHICAGO, August 7, 2013—Five of Chicago’s award-winning digital services companies announce today the formation of Ensemble, a one-stop digital services suite alternative to startup incubator programs, designed for entrepreneurs desiring “do-it-for-me” solutions. Initial members of Ensemble include Red Rocket Ventures (business consulting & capital raising), Ora Interactive (technology development & design), Loud Interactive (search engine optimization), SocialKaty (social media marketing) and Walker Sands (public relations).

Ensemble’s “digital lab-in-a-box” solution aggregates the required niche skillsets needed for rapid growth of digitally-focused companies, including capital raising, business consulting, technology and marketing services, from Chicago’s best-of-breed digital service providers marketing under one cooperative brand. This provides a seamless and continuous client experience from startup ideation through successful growth.

Ensemble’s model is designed to materially increase an entrepreneur’s stand-alone odds of success, powered by Ensemble’s team of digital experts, which have been there and done that with current best practices in the industry and a roster of happy client case studies. In addition, by bundling disparate skillsets and companies into one digital services suite, Ensemble offers its clients a significantly lower cost than one-off service providers, given the operating efficiencies achieved by the economies of scale between the Ensemble members.
The economic benefits to companies using Ensemble’s collective services include 20 percent cash discounts for clients that buy services across the entire group of member companies, and up to 40 percent cash discounts for clients that Ensemble agrees to take an equity position in their businesses. This can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront cash savings to such companies.

Ensemble will be managed by its member companies with George Deeb, Managing Partner at Red Rocket Ventures, serving as the day-to-day general manager.
“We created Ensemble to fill a void in the market for entrepreneurs desiring do-it-for-me solutions from a one-stop team of digital experts who have proven they know how to quickly and efficiently scale up digital businesses,” Deeb said. “The Ensemble alliance structure will best serve clients, given our domain experts’ focus and expertise within their respective niches, and the fact we are all entrepreneurs ourselves. Ensemble is by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, which you would never get in a big conglomerate agency.”

Digital companies and startups have many options to choose from when deciding how best to scale up their digital efforts. This includes venture capital incubators, accelerator programs, shared location facilities, general marketing agencies and other general networking groups.  Ensemble goes beyond the support traditionally offered in these types of programs (e.g., non-expert advice, short duration programs, lack of knowledge depth, peer vs. professional tutelage, outdated curriculum) to design a long-term, winning business model for itself and clients.
Each current Ensemble member company is headquartered in the Chicago area. While Chicago is a core focus of Ensemble, given the city’s robust digital startup and technology scene, the group will support a nationwide roster of clients. New members with complementary digital services will be added to the alliance over time.
For more information about Ensemble, please visit the alliance website at, where you can follow the alliance on the major social networks.

About Ensemble: Founded in 2013, Ensemble is a cooperative cross-marketing alliance of award-winning digital service providers in Chicago, each with specific and unique expertise. The current members include Red Rocket Ventures (business consulting & capital raising), Ora Interactive (technology development & design), Loud Interactive (search engine optimization), SocialKaty (social media marketing) and Walker Sands (public relations). This alliance structure better serves clients, as compared to generalist agencies, allowing member companies to stay deeply focused in their respective skill sets. At the same time, this model offers clients materially higher odds for success, given the deep domain expertise and 20-40 percent cash discounts available to clients that engage the collective services of Ensemble members. Ensemble’s digital services suite is a next-generation alternative for entrepreneurs looking for do-it-for-me solutions from a team of digital experts.

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