Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Out With MBA's--In With Masters in Entrepreneurship

Posted By: George Deeb - 10/16/2013


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Back when I was in college (a 1991 graduate), an MBA was a heavily coveted degree.  The best business schools were heavily demanded, and graduating students would most certainly walk out with rich offers from the leading investment banks, consulting firms and big corporations.

But, in the last decade or two, we have seen a seismic shift in demand for an alternative business education, especially with the rising costs of education.  One that teaches the basics in starting your own business and being your own boss.  One that is tapped into local startup ecosystems with access to venture capitalists and startup incubators.  One that marries expertise in technology development, with startup business and marketing skills.  A new breed of business education under the banner: a Master's in Entrepreneurship.
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