Thursday, April 3, 2014

[NEWS] @RedRocketVC Launches New Group on @Meetup--Please Follow Us There For In-Person Startup Events in Chicago

Posted By: George Deeb - 4/03/2014


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Red Rocket launched a new events profile page on Meetup today:

If you are interested in attending in-person educational events for startups in Chicago, and are members of Meetup, please follow us there.

Our first event will be  "Ensemble Office Hours: "Open Mike" Q&A Night for Startups (& Pizza Party)" on June 4th at TechNexus in Chicago.  The event will feature the five senior executives of Ensemble's members:  Red Rocket (startup consulting & capital), Ora Interactive (technology development), Loud Interactive (search engine marketing), SocialKaty (social media marketing) and WalkerSands (public relations), who will share their digital expertise for free, for your businesses.  You can learn more here:

And, you can make your reservation for this event on Eventbrite, here:

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