Friday, July 18, 2014

[VIDEO] George Deeb Presents "The Birth of the Startup Excubator" at Techweek Chicago 2014

Posted By: George Deeb - 7/18/2014


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In case you missed it, here is the presentation made by Red Rocket's George Deeb at Techweek Chicago on June 27, 2014.  On behalf of the Ensemble alliance members, George presents "The Birth of the Startup Excubator Model", and compares its strengths and weaknesses versus other startup accelerator programs.

Here is the video from Techweek's YouTube Channel:

Here is the matching powerpoint presentation from SlideShare.

Hope this helps you to better understand Ensemble's "startup excubator" model.  If interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to Ensemble via their website.

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