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Lesson #203: Top Startup Blogs and Bloggers

Posted By: George Deeb - 4/17/2015


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In case you are looking for more juicy how-to lessons for startup entrepreneurs, from some of the most-active startup bloggers, here is a list of some of the more widely-read online:

Allens' Blog by Allen Morgan
cdixon Blog by Chris Dixon
Dan Martell by Dan Martell
Danielle Morrill by Danielle Morrill
David Cummings on Startups by David Cummings
500 Hats by Dave McClure
Gary Vaynerchuk by Gary Vaynerchuk
Grow Think by Dave Lavinsky and Jay Turo
How to Change the World by Guy Kawasaki by Joel Gascoigne
John Greathouse by John Greathouse
Justin Kan by Justin Kan
Kate Kendall by Kate Kendall
Noobpreneur by Ivan Widjaya
OnStartups by Dharmesh Shah
Quick Sprout by Neil Patel
Red Rocket Blog by George Deeb (yours truly)
Seth's Blog by Seth Godin
Startup Beat by Brian Kovalesky
Startup Blog by Steve Sammartino
Startup Bloggers by Avishai Sam Bitton
Startup CFO by Mark MacLeod
Startup Lawyer by Ryan Roberts
Startup Lessons Learned by Eric Ries
Startups and Burritos by Ethan Austin
Steve Blank by Steve Blank
The Growth Guy by Verne Harnish
The Naive Optimist by Ryan Carson
UP Global by Startup Weekend
Young Upstarts by Daniel Goh

A VC by Fred Wilson
Ask the VC by the Foundry Group Partners
Begin the Begin by Jeff Hilimire (obviously a fellow R.E.M. fan)
Ben's Blog by Ben Horowitz
Both Sides of the Table by Mark Suster
First Round Review by First Round Partners
Founder Institute by Founder Institute

Buffer (social marketing)
Clarity (general advice)
Fresh Books (finance/accounting) (human resources)
Hubspot (marketing)
Kiss Metrics (marketing)
MailChimp (email marketing)
Marketing Profs (marketing)
Moz (search marketing)
99U (creative design)
Shopify (ecommerce)
Unbounce (marketing)
Visually (marketing)

Business Insider
Entrepreneur (I am a contributor)
Forbes (I am a contributor)
New York Times Startup Strategies
Small Biz Daily
Start Your Business
Startup Nation
Tech Cocktail
Tech Crunch
The Next Web (I am a contributor)
The Startup Magazine
The Upstart
Venture Beat
WSJ Accelerators (I am a contributor)
WSJ Digital (formerly All Things Digital)
YFS Magazine

And be sure to check out the many others listed in the Top 100 Startup Blogs at Blog Rank and in the startup blog feeds at Alltop.  And, the list goes on and on.  But, this should be a good place to start.  If you think I am missing any good ones, please add them in the comments section.

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