Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[NEWS] Red Rocket Seeking Equity Stake in Your Business

Posted By: George Deeb - 6/14/2016


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Red Rocket has been fortunate to have been very busy with paid client work over the last few years. But, most of those projects are 3-6 month "fixer upper" projects where we build the business plan, and the current management team executes the plan from there.  For a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, that is the equivalent of handing "our baby" off to another set of parents to raise.  And, often times, the devil is in the details in terms of execution, and a good plan can fall short if poorly executed.

We are on the hunt to get a material equity stake in a few companies that we can actually help grow over the years (not months).  If you run a small business that needs help scaling revenues to the next level, we want to talk to you.  Perhaps you are profitable (over $100,000) with some free cash resources to invest in new sales and marketing activities, but don't know how.  Or, maybe you are open to growing through mergers or acquisitions activity, and are willing to use your equity to buy desired targets in your industry, but don't know how.  We will consider opportunities in both the B2C and B2B space.  Your business can be a digital technology company, or any other business we have experience with (e.g., retail, restaurant, consumer product, media), provided we think we can materially move the needle in terms of growing your business.

We will not take cash fees for services in these companies, but instead we will contribute our time, experience and relationships in exchange for a mutually acceptable ownership interest in your business: one that is material enough to get us to want to "dig in" with an active hands-on role for the long haul.  I guess you could think of this like adding a later-stage co-founder to your business.  We will want to have a significant voice within your management team and board room, to truly control our collective destiny to building a really big business together.  No entrenched ideas or sacred cows, if there is a better way to building long term success.

So, if you are a flexible and open-minded entrepreneur with an exciting business looking for fresh ideas, new leadership or an experienced team to help take your revenues to the next level (or beyond simply being your lifestyle business), look no further than Red Rocket.  If interested in learning more, please contact us here and tell us more about your business and financials for our consideration.  We will only be selecting a few companies to focus on here, ones we think we can accelerate their growth the most, so we apologize ahead of time if we are not able to work with you under this model.

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