Friday, May 5, 2017

[NEWS] Red Rocket Looking for Broken Businesses To Fix

Posted By: George Deeb - 5/05/2017


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Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to fix broken businesses.  Is your business broken?  Revenues not scaling?  Team not gelling?  Product keeps breaking?  Getting bad customer reviews?  Can't attract capital?  At your wits end and contemplating throwing in the towel?  Pretty much sounds like most early stage businesses!!  But, there is a way out.  Red Rocket is looking for broken businesses to fix.

We are looking for companies that:

  • Are preferably a B2C company (although we would consider B2B)
  • Have a solid product or service offering that is up and running (not a piece of paper startup)
  • Have some base level of customer adoption (e.g., $1MM of revenues)
  • Sales & marketing is the company's biggest weakness (revenues not growing)
  • Has compelling unit economics--high average ticket/high margin vs. marketing costs
  • The business must be cash flow neutral--not burning cash today
  • Can be a newer company trying to scale, or a turnaround of former high flyer

We are looking for scenarios where we can:

  • Invest our time as the new "proven CEO" of the business
  • Invest our cash, as needed, for scaling sales/marketing needs
  • Get a material (and preferably majority) stake in business we are excited about
As we have written about in the past, sometimes the best medicine for a broken business, is a fresh set of eyes.  If you are open to handing "your baby" off to a more experienced team to help you raise it, we want to talk to you.  It is always better to own 50% of a potential home run, than 100% of a potential strike out.  And, Red Rocket can be that Babe Ruth for your business.

If interested in learning more, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.  Be as specific as you can about your business, revenues, unit level economics, painpoints, team, location, etc., so we are can be sure we can help.  We won't be able to work with everyone under this model, and we appreciate your understanding, if we can't get to the finish line together.

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