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Raleigh-Durham Private Equity Firms

Posted By: George Deeb - 6/29/2017


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Following up on our list of Raleigh-Durham Venture Capital Firms & Angel Networks, below is a list of private equity firms in the region, serving later stage companies.  I included a high-level summary of their investment criteria, as communicated on their websites.

Aiglon Capital Mgmt. --  mfg., dist., svs., $20-$250MM revs, $2-$20MM EBITDA.

Capitala Group --  diversified. $3-$10MM checks, under $4.5MM EBITDA, $1BN fund

Cherokee Fund --  brownfield real estate, $2BN managed + VC in env./energy

Davie Poplar Capital --  health, educ., med., svs., mfg., dist. Up to $20MM revs, $500K-$3MM EBITDA, recurring revs., capex light.

Eli Global --  fin., health, ins., mktg., other.

Fulcrum Equity Partners --  health svs. & tech, SaaS, tech-enabled services, $3-$20MM checks, $3-$50MM revs, $204MM fund.  Chapel Hill office of Atlanta based firm.

Halifax Group -- biz svs., franchising, health, infrastructure.  $5-$30MM EBITDA, $25-$75MM checks, $50-$250MM valuations.

Hargett Hunter --  hospitality, restaurants.  $10-$30MM checks. $150MM fund, 5-50 stores.

Hawthorne Capital --  health, tech.  $3-$20MM checks.  $2-$100MM+ revenues.

Investors Management Corp. --  diversified, franchisable.  $5-$25MM EBITDA.

Meriturn Partners --  diversified.  $20-$300MM revs, control oriented.

Morgan Creek Capital --  health, energy, nat. resources.

Mosaic Capital Partners --  biz svs., chem., CPG, env., food/bev.., health, dist., mfg., log..  Over $10MM revs, reliable cash flow.

NovaQuest Capital Mgmt. --  life sciences, health.  $1.6BN mgd, $20-$100MM revs, up to $500MM valuations.

Plexus Capital  --  diversified.  $950MM mgd., $12MM average check, middle market.

Triangle Capital Corp. (TCAP) --  mfg., dist., transport, energy, comms., health, restaurants, other.  $5-$50MM checks, $20-$300MM revs, $5-$75MM EBITDA.


Blue Point Capital Partners (Charlotte) -- eng., env., ind., metals, dist.  $20-$300MM revs, over $5MM EBITDA.

Cadrillion Capital (Charlotte) --  info., health, agric., biz svs., fin., other.  Over $1MM EBITDA.

Carlyle Group (Charlotte) --  aero., defense, govt., cons., energy, fin., health, ind., RE, tech, biz svs., telecom, media, transport.  $53BN mgd., $130MM average check.

Carousel Capital (Charlotte) --  biz svs., cons. svs., health svs.  Over $3MM EBITDA,  up to $150MM valuation.

Coleville Capital (Charlotte) --  mfg., dist., biz svs., diversified, ind.  $10-$100MM revs, $2-$6MM EBITDA.

Copeley Capital (Charlotte) --  health, svs., bldg., waste, ind., CPG.  Over $2MM EBITDA.

Falfurrias Capital (Charlotte) --  cons., food/bev, biz svs., fin., mfg., ind., energy, health.  $3-$25MM EBITDA.

Fidus Investment Corp. (Charlotte) --  diversified.  $10-$150MM revs.

Five Points Capital (Winston-Salem) --  biz svs., ind., mfg., dist., health, educ., tech., mfg.  Over $3MM EBITDA, $5-$25MM checks.

Global Endowment Mgmt. (Charlotte)  --  manage money for foundations

Kian Capital (Charlotte) --  biz svs., dist., health, mfg.  $5-$15MM checks, $15-$150MM revs, $2-$15MM EBITDA.

Pamlico Capital (Charlotte) --  biz svs., comm., health, tech.  $15-$200MM revs, $20-$100MM checks.

Ridgemont Equity Partners (Charlotte) --  ind., svs., health, energy, telecom, media, tech.  $25-$100MM checks, $5-$30MM EBITDA.

Salem Investment Partners (Charlotte) --  biz svs., mfg., CPG, dist., recurring revs.  $1MM+ EBITDA, $10MM+ Revs, $2-$10MM checks.

Summit Park (Charlotte) --  biz svs, cons. svs., mfg., dist.  $150MM fund.  $20-$100MM revs, $4-$12MM EBITDA.

Tidewater Equity Partners (Wilmington) --  mfg., svs., tech, fin., energy, retail, health.  $10-$30MM revs, $1-$3MM EBITDA.

Be sure to dig deeper on their websites to make sure they invest in your specific industry, revenue stage, geography and desired minority/majority deal structure before reaching out to these investors. Red Rocket can help make introductions to many of these investors, so please leverage our relationships here.

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