Monday, November 5, 2018

[NEWS] Startup Lessons #203 - #303-- Now a Downloadable eBook from @RedRocketVC

Posted By: George Deeb - 11/05/2018


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Red Rocket started writing its first "101 Startup Lessons--An Entrepreneur's Handbook" back in March 2011.  Over seven years later, it has grown to over 303 startup lessons for entrepreneurs.  It is a comprehensive, one-stop read for entrepreneurs who want actionable learnings about a wide range of startup and digital-related topics. The book is a startup executive's strategic "playbook", with "how-to" lessons about business in general, sales, marketing, technology, operations, human resources, finance, fund raising and more, including many case studies therein. We have demystified and synthesized the information an entrepreneur needs to strategize, fund, develop, launch and market their businesses.

We published our first "101 Startup Lessons" in November 2013, and our second "Startup Lessons #102-#202" in April 2015.  Now, we are excited to bring our third volume, "Startup Lessons #203-#303", to all of you in this freely downloadable eBook.

Thanks to all of our 1,500,000+ readers who have already benefited from these lessons via our blog, which we will continue to update with new lessons in the years to come.

To download the full eBook into your eBook readers, visit your favorite eBookstore website:

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If you also wish to download our first two eBooks, you can do so at this link.

Thanks for sharing this editorial adventure with us.  We appreciate your readership, and your sharing these lessons with your entrepreneurial colleagues in need.

For future lessons, be sure to check back weekly on the Red Rocket Blog, or follow us on Twitter at: @RedRocketVC or @georgedeeb.

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