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Red Rocket's Best Startups of 2020

Posted By: George Deeb - 12/11/2020


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Red Rocket gets introduced to hundreds of startups each year, in the normal course of doing business, or via our involvement with various startup groups or events.  We wanted to honor the best of these startups that we met in 2020, in Red Rocket's 9th Annual "Best Startups of the Year".  This list is not intended to be an all-encompassing best startups list, as there are many additional great startups that we are not personally exposed to each year.  And, this list is not intended to be only for businesses that launched in 2020, it is open to startups of any age, that they or their advisors had some personal interaction with us in the last 12 months.  The business simply needed to have a good idea, good team or good traction, that caught our attention.  Congrats to you all!!

THE BEST STARTUPS OF 2020 (in alphabetical order):

BioSurplus (CEO, Bill Vandeweghe) - B2B used lab equipment marketplace

Cartogram (CEO, Will Clausen) - B2B indoor mapping & wayfinding platform

Castango (CEO, Chekesha Van Putten) - B2B online platform for casting and booking models

Charlie Health (CEO, Justin Weiss) - B2C telehealth for personalized teen mental health

EcomWizz (CEO, Nikita Danilov) - B2B platform for researching trending products

Get Boat (CEO, Ilya Veller) - B2B yacht booking platform

Greenlight (CEO, Nadeem Mazen) - B2B platform and community for micro-influencers

Lonerider Brewery (CEO, Sumit Vohra) - B2C craft beer brewery

Media Capital Technologies (CEO, Christopher Woodrow) - B2C movie financing marketplace

OneCare (CEO, Tom Glaser) - B2C remote health data monitoring from smart watches

Phone Wagon (CEO, Ryan Shank) - B2B call tracking software

PopShop (CEO, Nathan Franco) - B2B marketplace for finding shared retail space

Sapphire (CEO, Walter Larkins) - B2B accounts receivable collections for hospitals

Torre (CEO, Alexander Torrenenegra) - B2B professional social network for finding remote work

And, don't forget to check out the 2012 winners2013 winners2014 winners2015 winners2016 winners2017 winners2018 winners and 2019 winners, many of whom continue to be doing great things.

Congratulations to you all!!  Keep up the good work.

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