Thursday, May 21, 2015

In-House Teams or Outsourced Services for Startups?

Entrepreneurs have many options to consider, in terms of how they go about building their businesses or seeking help. Here are the plusses and minuses of in-house teams vs. outsourced services, and when each road should be considered.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Red Rocket's @georgedeeb Hosts Startup Pitch Competition at Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago (June 3rd)--10% Off Tickets

I have been invited to participate again in this year's Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago on June 2-5 at McCormick Place.  I will be hosting a startup pitch competition between three leading Chicago e-commerce startups:  Blitsy, MightyNest and MoxieJean.  The session will be held on June 3rd at 4pm.  You can learn more at this link.

If interested in attended the biggest internet retail event of the year, as event participants, we are pleased to offer all Red Rocket readers a 10% discount on your entry ticket price.  When you go to register, be sure to enter the discount code SPEAKER10 to receive your discount.

It will be fun to see our three FireStarter Fund portfolio companies duke it out for Best E-Commerce Startup (at least in Chicago).  Hope to see you there.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Six Drivers That Determine Your Revenue Model

One of the first questions a potential investor is going to ask you is, “how do you plan to make money?”. It is critical you have a well-thought plan for the long term, even if revenues will be minimal in the short term. Revenue models can vary based on: (i) your industry; (ii) your product or service within that industry; and (iii) what your direct competitors are doing. And most importantly, you need to assess whether your revenue plan passes the sanity check for your business and prospective investors.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Which Selling Technique Will Best Benefit Your Business?

Not all products or services are created equal in terms of the strategy you use to sell them. And, not all customers are created equal, in terms of how sophisticated they are about your product line and how much they may need your product or service. What's more, selling into different levels of an organization often requires different types of selling techniques, in order to get customers' attention. Below, I've summarized the three most typical selling techniques used today.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lesson #204: Startup Accelerators by Industry

It has been interesting to watch the original "generalist" startup incubators and accelerator programs evolve into ones focused on various niche industry verticals.  Which to me, makes a ton more sense. Here is a list of some of the industry focused startup accelerators and incubators that I have learned about.


University Technology Park (Chicago)


Green Lite Labs (Boulder)


R/GA Accelerator (New York) -  Part of Techstars (corporate backed by R/GA)


Incubation Station (Austin)


Catalyst (Virtual) - Corporate backed by Pearson
Kaplan Ed Tech Accelerator (New York) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Kaplan)
Imagine K12 (Palo Alto)
Start 1 (New York)


Enviromental Cluster (San Jose)
Green Start (San Francisco)
NYC ACRE (New York)
Surge Accelerator (Houston)


Accelerprise (Washington DC)
Citrix Startup Accelerator (Santa Clara) - Corporate backed by Citrix
Hive Data (Palo Alto)
Microsoft Accelerator (Seattle)
Tech Wildcatters (Dallas)
Techstars Cloud (San Antonio)


Barclays Accelerator (New York) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Barclays)
FinTech Innovation Lab (New York)
Innotribe (New York)


Accel Foods (New York)
Canvas (Baltimore, Phoenix & Irvine) - Corporate backed by Marriott
Chobani Food Incubator (New York) - Corporate backed by Chobani
Coca-Cola Founders (San Francisco) - Corporate backed by Coca-Cola
Craft Catalyst (Atlanta)
Farm 2050 (Palo Alto)
Food Centricity (Los Angeles)
Food Hatch (Naples)
Food Innovation (New Jersey) - Affiliated with Rutgers University
Food-X (New York)
Forge Food (Portland)
Fund The Food (Toronto)
Good Food (Chicago)
NOFFN (New Orleans)
Royse Law Incubator (Palo Alto)
The Yield Lab (St. Louis)
World Food Center (Sacramento) - Affiliated with U-C Davis (corporate backed by Mars)


Code for America (San Francisco)


Alpha Lab (Pittsburgh)
Bolt (Boston)
Haxlr8r (San Francisco)
Highway 1 (San Francisco)
Lennos Labs (San Francisco)


Blueprint Health (New York)
Dream It Ventures (Philadelphia)
Health Wildcatters (Dallas)
Healthbox (Chicago & Boston) - Corporate backed by Blue Cross Blue Shield
Matter (Chicago)
Rock Health (San Francisco)
The Iron Yard (Asheville)
Startup Health (New York)


Disney Accelerator (Los Angeles) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Disney)
Matter (San Francisco)
Media Camp (San Francisco/Los Angeles) - Corporate backed by Turner/Warner Bros.
News Challenge (Miami)


Samsung Accelerator (Palo Alto & New York) - Corporate backed by Samsung
Sprint Accelerator (Kansas City, MO) - Focused on mobile health (corporate backed by Sprint)
Techstars Mobility (Detroit) - Corporate backed by Ford, Magna & Verizon
Volkswagen ERL Tech Accelerator (San Jose) - Corporate backed by Volkswagen


NAR Reach (Chicago) - Corporate backed by National Association of Realtors


Plug and Play Retail (San Jose) - Affiliated with Clorox, Hershey, Hilton, Home Depot, J&J, Kohls, P&G, Panasonic, Pizza Hut, Sears, and Simon Malls


Qualcomm Accelerator (San Diego) - Corporate backed by Qualcomm


Endeavor (Miami)
Fledge (Seattle)
Impact Engine (Chicago)
Unreasonable Institute (Boulder)


Nike+ Fuel Lab (Portland) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Nike)


Travel Startups (Orlando)

I am sure there may be many others that I missed.  So, let me know if I have missed any important ones in the comments section below.

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