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The Best Medicine for Your Business: A Fresh Set of Eyes

Posted By: George Deeb - 10/29/2014


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Over the years, I have had many clients with problems in their business that they didn’t know how to solve. They would invite me in to take a look to see if I could solve their problem. And, sure enough, a very easy solution to the problem presents itself in quick order. It's not that I am smarter than them, but because I came in with no pre-conceived ideas or past experience with the company, and simply came in with a fresh set of eyes and logical business sense.

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NY Founder said...


Great blog. I have a question. My start up has two founders, both of whom also run consultancies with revenue streams. We'd both agree to fucs attention on the NewCo, putting day to day mgmt of our consultancies in hands of managers there.Our NewCo seeks funding and we have an Angel interested. He suggests that we 'collateralize our existing businesses to get a better valuation before issuing equity to him for angel funding. He says maybe as a spring lien so that when milestones are achieve the asset is released. I need more info on collateralizing in this situation...can't find dpcumentation

George Deeb said...

NY Founder, couple comments here. (1) It is very rare to use assets in one business as collateral for another business, it is more typically the businesses are merged into one in that case; (2) Investors interested in Newco, would not necessarily want to invest in Oldco, even if that is where the collateral is; and (3) secured debt is a very rare tool for startup financing, which straight equity or convertible notes are more typical, given the huge risks involved and companies not wanting to put a noose around their neck. Hope that helps.

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