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Trying to Scale Your Startup? The Odds Are Not in Your Favor!

Posted By: George Deeb - 6/07/2024


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My colleague and serial entrepreneur, Scot Wingo, of ChannelAdvisor, Spiffy and Triangle Tweener Fund fame, recently posted on LinkedIn, how hard it was to scale a business.  He referenced data from a book by Verne Harnish, the founder of Entrepreneur’s Organization, called Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It . . . and Why the Rest Don’t.  The core of the story was this graphic:

What the graphic basically says is, of the 28,000,000 businesses in the United States, only 0.061% actually get larger than $50MM in revenues.  And 96% of all businesses, never get larger than $1MM in revenues.  I was so taken back by the data here, that I thought it was worthy of a deeper discussion.

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