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Lesson #204: Startup Accelerators by Industry

Posted By: George Deeb - 4/27/2015


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It has been interesting to watch the original "generalist" startup incubators and accelerator programs evolve into ones focused on various niche industry verticals.  Which to me, makes a ton more sense. Here is a list of some of the industry focused startup accelerators and incubators that I have learned about.


University Technology Park (Chicago)


Elemental Excelerator (Honolulu) - Corporate backed by Emerson Collective
Enel Citris Foundry (Berkeley) - Corporate backed by Enel
Green Lite Labs (Boulder)
Greentown Labs (Boston) - Corporate backed by Saint-Gobain
LACI (Los Angeles) -  City backed by Los Angeles
Shell Foundation Incubator (London) - Corporate backed by Shell
Urban-X (New York) - Corporate backed by Mini


Incubation Station (Austin)


AT&T Aspire (San Francisco) -  Corporate backed by AT&T
Catalyst (Virtual) - Corporate backed by Pearson
DVX Labs (Chicago)-- Corporate backed by DeVry
Kaplan Ed Tech Accelerator (New York) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Kaplan)
Imagine K12 (Palo Alto)
Start 1 (New York)


Enviromental Cluster (San Jose)
Green Start (San Francisco)
NYC ACRE (New York)
Surge Accelerator (Houston)


Accelerprise (Washington DC)
Citrix Startup Accelerator (Santa Clara) - Corporate backed by Citrix
Hive Data (Palo Alto)
Microsoft Accelerator (Seattle)
Tech Wildcatters (Dallas)
Techstars Cloud (San Antonio)


Barclays Accelerator (New York) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Barclays)
Citi Accelerator (Tel Aviv) -  Corporate backed by Citi
FinTech Innovation Lab (New York)
Innotribe (New York)
Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator (San Francisco) - Corporate backed by Wells Fargo


Accel Foods (New York)
Budweiser Dream Brewery (Shanghai) - Corporate backed by Budweiser
Canvas (Baltimore, Phoenix & Irvine) - Corporate backed by Marriott
Chobani Food Incubator (New York) - Corporate backed by Chobani
Cleveland Avenue (Chicago)
Coca-Cola Founders (San Francisco) - Corporate backed by Coca-Cola
Craft Catalyst (Atlanta)
Farm 2050 (Palo Alto)
Food Centricity (Los Angeles)
Food Hatch (Naples)
Food Innovation (New Jersey) - Affiliated with Rutgers University
Food-X (New York)
Forge Food (Portland)
Fund The Food (Toronto)
Good Food (Chicago)
NOFFN (New Orleans)
Royse Law Incubator (Palo Alto)
Terra (San Francisco) - Corporate backed by Nestle and others
The Yield Lab (St. Louis)
World Food Center (Sacramento) - Affiliated with U-C Davis (corporate backed by Mars)


Code for America (San Francisco)


Alpha Lab (Pittsburgh)
Bolt (Boston)
Catalyze (Chicago)
Haxlr8r (San Francisco)
Highway 1 (San Francisco)
Lennos Labs (San Francisco)


BD BioVenture Center (Raleigh-Durham)
Blueprint Health (New York)
Boom Town Health Tech Accelerator (Boulder)
Cedars-Sinai Accelerator (Lost Angeles) - Powered by Techstars (corporated backed by Cedars)
Central New York Biotech Accelerator (Syracuse)
CIMIT (Boston)
Dream It Ventures (Philadelphia)
43North (Buffalo)
Health Wildcatters (Dallas)
Healthbox (Chicago & Boston) - Corporate backed by Blue Cross Blue Shield
HealthXL (Boston)
Infield Medical (Raleigh-Durham)
Insight Accelerator Labs (Chicago)
JLABS (New York, San Diego & Toronto) - Corporate backed by Johnson & Johnson
Mass Challenge (Boston)
Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (Boston)
Matter (Chicago)
Medtech Innovator (Los Angeles)
New York Digital Health Accelerator (New York)
Penn Medicine Center for Healthcare Innovation (Philadelphia) -  University backed by Penn.
Rock Health (San Francisco)
Startup Moonshot Health Academy (New York)
Technogym Wellness (Venice) - Corporate backed by Technogym
Techstars Healthcare (Los Angeles) - Corporate backed by Cedars-Sinai
The Iron Yard (Asheville)
Startup Health (New York)
StartX Med (Palo Alto, CA) - University backed by Stanford


Disney Accelerator (Los Angeles) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Disney)
Matter (San Francisco)
Media Camp (San Francisco/Los Angeles) - Corporate backed by Turner/Warner Bros.
News Challenge (Miami)
Telenet Kickstart (Belgium) - Corporate backed by Telenet
Virgin Media Accelerator (London) - Powered by Techstars (corporate backed by Virgin)
YLE Media Accelerator (Helsinki) - Corporate backed by YLE Media


Samsung Accelerator (Palo Alto & New York) - Corporate backed by Samsung
Sprint Accelerator (Kansas City, MO) - Focused on mobile health (corporate backed by Sprint)
Techstars Mobility (Detroit) - Corporate backed by Ford, Magna & Verizon
Volkswagen ERL Tech Accelerator (San Jose) - Corporate backed by Volkswagen


NAR Reach (Chicago) - Corporate backed by National Association of Realtors


JLAB (London) - Corporate backed by John Lewis
Plug and Play Retail (San Jose) - Affiliated with Clorox, Hershey, Hilton, Home Depot, J&J, Kohls, P&G, Panasonic, Pizza Hut, Sears, and Simon Malls.
Store No. 8 (Silicon Valley) -  Corporate backed by Walmart
Techstars Retail (Minneapolis) - Corporate backed by Target.


Qualcomm Accelerator (San Diego) - Corporate backed by Qualcomm


Endeavor (Miami)
Fledge (Seattle)
Impact Engine (Chicago)
Techstars Impact Accelerator (Austin)
Unreasonable Institute (Boulder)


Nike+ Fuel Lab (Portland) - Part of Techstars (corporate backed by Nike)


Chicago Connectory (Chicago)
Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Silicon Valley) - Corporate backed by Cisco
Google Accelerator Launchpad (Mountain View) -  Corporate backed by Google
IBM Alpha Zone (Tel Aviv) - Corporate backed by IBM
NC RIoT (Raleigh)
R/GA Accelerator (New York) -  Part of Techstars (corporate backed by R/GA)
Sprint Accelerator (Kansas City, MO) - Corporate backed by Sprint
Techstars IoT (New York)


Travel Startups (Orlando)

I am sure there may be many others that I missed.  So, let me know if I have missed any important ones in the comments section below.

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Marc Grens said...

You forgot about ElmSpring Chicago which is technically the only Real Estate accelerator in your own backyard. NAR Reach is only business development and actually charges companies.

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